• Erin Maher

List: Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Because nothing has been scarier than this entire year

- A bat wearing a t-shirt that says, "Wuhan Born & Raised." - Donald Trump’s Hair. I am unsure how to execute this but would LOVE to see it.

- The infamous Twitter thread that revealed what a horror Ellen DeGeneres actually is.

- Harry and Meghan’s plane ticket to the U.S. Make sure it reads "one-way" in giant letters.

- The year 2019. Just show up to a party without a mask and looking deliriously happy.

- A $1,200 stimulus check.

- The corpse of Mr. Peanut. Because along with our hopes and dreams, he died this year, too. His legume legacy lives on forever in our hearts.

- A Zoom meeting. Hold a laptop, wear a business casual shirt on top, and sweatpants on the bottom. Bonus points if you have stains on your sweatpants and you didn't brush your hair.

- Journalist and Presidential Debate Moderator Chris Wallace. Make sure to look dejected, throw your hands up often and repeatedly exclaim, "Sir!"

- The ghost of the sourdough starter you had committed to make while quarantined.

- A "One Roll Per Customer" sign from your grocery store during the Toliet Paper Shortage of 2020.

- Quibi’s Tombstone.

- The Stock Market crash.

- An anti-depressant. The unsung hero for many Americans this year. Love ya, Xanax.

- Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs.

- A Murder Hornet. An adorable bee costume accessorized with a machete and/or flame thrower should be perfect.

Couples Costume/Group Costume Ideas:

- Mike Pence and the Fly.

- Two contestants on Netflix's "Love is Blind." Stick a wall between you two and just outright lie.

- Carol Baskin and the skeleton version of her dead husband. It would be extra adorable if you get a little stuffed tiger to pretend to be munching on the dead husband's arm.

- Joe Exotic and a tiger, or Joe Exotic and his two husbands if you happen to be in a throuple.

- Toilet paper & Lysol.

- Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends singing a shitty version of John Lennon's "Imagine." Will work best if you are all out of touch with the common man, and your heads are rammed up your own asses.

- A game on the House Party app. All should look defeated and talk over each other and make sure someone looks super pixelated at all times.

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